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Innovation holds the key to unlocking opportunities that will improve health care delivery. With the George Washington University’s online Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSHS) in Biomedical Informatics program, you can prepare to leverage big health data to solve some of the most pressing clinical and public health challenges.

GW offers this master’s program in a convenient online format that lets you prepare for an in-demand field while meeting your current work and life commitments. You’ll learn from expert faculty at the forefront of biomedical informatics, developing the analytic expertise needed to improve decisions related to patient care and health care quality. Because GW is a full member of the American Medical Informatics Association, you can engage in courses that enable you to apply health informatics to the benefit of society.

Continue your education online with GW to benefit from distinguished connections and career-aligned learning opportunities that foster success in the health sciences. While studying online, you will receive the same benefits and education as our on-campus students, joining an ever-expanding alumni community dedicated to discoveries that can make the world a better place.

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36 Total Credits

Average Duration: 2 Years

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Note, 45 transferrable credits required to apply for BSHS and BSHS/MSHS dual degree programs.

Dual Degree Accelerates Your Path Into Biomedical Informatics

GW offers a direct path to roles where you can impact clinical research and patient care with the BSHS Clinical Research Administration/MSHS in Biomedical Informatics dual degree. You’ll acquire multidisciplinary skills for supporting the safety and efficacy of health treatments while learning to harness analytics to improve clinical decision-making. Plus, take nine graduate credits during the undergraduate program to reduce the duration and cost of earning your master’s degree.

A Curriculum at the Intersection of Informatics and Data Science

With the MSHS in Biomedical Informatics program, you’ll engage in courses rooted in medical informatics and data science, gaining advanced skills that strategic health care leaders need. Guided by our expert faculty, you will delve into biostatistics translational research, medical informatics, and other topics that help you mine complex data for valuable health insights.

Examine health care policies, trends, and issues, and explore epidemiologic concepts through a translational research lens.

Delve into the theories, principles, and practices behind medical informatics as you prepare to strengthen health care quality.

Learn how health care providers apply biomedical informatics to improve patient care and quality improvement decisions.

The Flexibility to Thrive in Class and Your Career

GW offers an innovative learning experience, delivering world-class programs that you can complete entirely online. We designed our classes for flexibility, allowing you to gain expertise for advancing your career when and where is convenient for you. Throughout your online program, you’ll benefit from our supportive faculty-to-student ratio and online resources that make it easier to interact with your peers and instructors.

Prepare for an Array of In-Demand Careers

A growing number of organizations are mining big data to solve health care challenges, raising the need for professionals with biomedical informatics skills. GW’s online master’s in biomedical informatics prepares you to apply data science and informatics principles in leadership roles where you help elevate the quality of patient care.

5 Rewarding Biomedical Informatics Careers

  1. Health Services Manager, $101,340 per year1
  2. Healthcare IT Project Manager, $100,881 per year2
  3. Health Information Consultant, $77,500 per year3
  4. Clinical Informatics Specialist, $77,893 per year4
  5. Informatics Nurse, $79,789 per year5

Join a Tradition of Excellence in the Health Sciences

Founded in 1824, the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences was the first medical school in the nation’s capital. Today, we are committed to improving the health and well-being of local, national, and global communities through online programs that promote inclusion, service, and advocacy.

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