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The George Washington University’s (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) offers online undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs — many designed in partnership with influential agencies and private-sector organizations. We offer degrees and certificates that instill the expertise needed to make health care safer and more effective, preparing you for careers in clinical research, biomedical informatics, healthcare management, regulatory affairs, and beyond.

Through our health sciences programs, you’ll learn from renowned experts in their fields and benefit from GW’s connections with institutions in industries where you want to make a difference. In addition to flexibility, our online programs provide opportunities to collaborate with other students seeking to transform health care and improve lives worldwide.

Continue your education online with GW to benefit from distinguished connections and career-aligned learning opportunities that foster success in the health sciences. While studying online, you will receive the same benefits and education as our on-campus students, joining an ever-expanding alumni community dedicated to discoveries that can make the world a better place.

A Full Range of Medical and Health Sciences Programs

GW believes answers to challenging health issues exist at the intersection of innovative research and exceptional instruction that supports higher-quality patient care. Taking advantage of our relationships with powerful institutions in Washington, D.C., you can learn from award-winning faculty with an impressive tradition of mentoring future health science leaders.


Gain a mastery of the design, implementation, and evaluation of health care programs as you prepare to lead interprofessional teams. This online program enables clinical health professionals to build competencies for advanced practice in clinical or academic environments through tracks in Clinical and Educational Practice Leadership.


The online Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSHS) in Biomedical Informatics teaches you to leverage data to solve complex clinical and public health issues. You’ll learn to harness the power of analytics to support clinical decision-making, research, and patient engagement. Upon completion, you’ll possess qualifications and competencies for applying data science principles and design solutions to biomedical information problems, helping hospitals and health care systems deliver the best possible care to all patients.


In this comprehensive online program, you’ll gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills within biomedical laboratory science with the opportunity to select a specialization in one of three concentrations: Immunohematology and Biotechnology, Translational Microbiology, Medical Laboratory Sciences or, customize your degree with the general track option. GW designed the program to facilitate advancement into leadership, supervisory, management, or teaching positions in clinical laboratories.


In this online program, you can develop skills for conducting and evaluating research rooted in biomedical science, clinical administration, community health, and health policy. The clinical and translational research courses prepare you to influence best practices for bringing emerging medical science findings into effective patient treatments.


Discover one of the only graduate degrees in the country that pairs clinical microbiology and laboratory science coursework with a hands-on practicum. This online program prepares students to sit for the ASCP Board of Certification Exam* — a gold standard in global certification for medical laboratory professionals.


This online degree program focuses on the skills necessary to manage and lead across the dynamic continuum of health-service delivery. This program prepares you to sit for your Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, provides mentorship with health care operations leaders, and offers practicum experiences.


With this online program, professionals in clinical research and related fields can build their knowledge of drug development and clinical trial conduct while gaining business, ethical, and legal perspectives on clinical research. Pursue this master’s degree to prepare to lead the business and science of clinical research.


By seeking this master’s degree online, you can prepare to lead the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of health care quality and patient safety initiatives. This program helps you gain skills and knowledge for success in rewarding management and research positions within health care organizations or policy agencies.


Explore a holistic approach to health care practice that emphasizes the relationship between practitioner and patient. Informed by evidence-based practice, our integrative medicine program enables you to focus on the whole person, using all appropriate therapeutic approaches for achieving optimal health and well-being. Complete this online ABOIM-accredited program to acquire core integrative health competencies for evaluating patient needs and building personalized care plans.


With this online program, you can prepare to become a medical laboratory scientist and sit for the ASCP Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) certification exam.* Upon completion, you will possess the skills to evaluate research and new technologies to understand their relevance in the field and investigate research questions critical to clinical laboratory practice. Additionally, you can develop the problem-solving skills necessary to lead and respond to future changes in laboratory science.


GW designed this online program for individuals who hold national certification or wish to become certified in Molecular Biology. In addition to traditional coursework in molecular biology and biotechnology, you will gain hands-on clinical rotation experience required to prepare for ASCP Board Certification in Molecular Biology.*


This online program focuses on all aspects of regulatory strategy, guidance, and compliance while reinforcing the science behind regulatory methods. You will prepare to manage key elements of regulatory processes in various industries, developing expertise for careers with governmental agencies and consultancies worldwide.


Develop expertise to become the primary clinical research investigator on multi-site projects. After acquiring this graduate certificate online, you will have the opportunity to transfer your credits to the MSHS in Clinical and Translational Research program.


This online program provides the foundational knowledge and tools to lead projects and operations within the complex world of health care delivery. After completing this certificate, you’ll have the opportunity to transfer your credits to the MSHS in Clinical Operations and Healthcare Management program.


This online program will prepare you to be a strategic leader who drives success for health care or research organizations. You will also get the opportunity to transfer your credits into the MSHS in Clinical Research Administration program after acquiring your certificate.


Capitalize on foundational courses in clinical research, health informatics, epidemiology, and biostatistics to prepare for evidence-based practice as a principal or co-investigator in clinical research. You will learn to conduct clinical trials according to applicable laws, regulations, and institutional policies governing research.


Prepare to lead health care quality initiatives in an online program created in partnership with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). After finishing this graduate certificate program, you will have the opportunity to transfer your credits to the MSHS in Health Care Quality program.


Learn to personalize care plans grounded in evidence-based practice to address each patient’s physical, mental, and social circumstances. You can complete this certificate online in 12 to 18 months with the option to transfer your credits to our MSHS in Integrative Medicine program.


This online program enables health professionals to incorporate intersectional approaches into their practice in 12 to 18 months. You will develop lifestyle medicine competencies and foundational nutrition knowledge for incorporating dietary principles into effective patient care.


GW developed this online program in collaboration with regulatory affairs at the FDA, NIH, and beyond to prepare graduates as business leaders in regulatory strategy locally and abroad. After attaining this graduate certificate, you will have the opportunity to transfer your credits to the MSHS in Regulatory Affairs program.


This certificate program is perfect if you’re looking to advance your career and become board certified as a laboratory scientist. GW designed this certificate program to teach you how to analyze blood, urine, tissue, and other body specimens to detect, diagnose, and treat disease. You can qualify to take the ASCP MLS exam in just 20 months.*

In addition to the programs listed above, we offer the following post-baccalaureate certificate programs:

  • Blood Banking for Medical Laboratory Science
  • Clinical Chemistry for Medical Laboratory Science
  • Hematology for Medical Laboratory Science
  • Microbiology for Medical Laboratory Science
  • Molecular Diagnostic Science


Accelerate your career with this online dual degree program. Combine the work of earning your BSHS and MSHS to save time on your path to a career in health care. With the skills you’ll gain in this online clinical research administration program, you’ll be ready to participate in clinical trial conduct that protects patients by addressing ethical and legal considerations in product development and contributing to innovative medical research.


Our multi-level, dual-degree online learning option provides an accelerated format for earning your BSHS in Clinical Research Administration and an MSHS in Regulatory Affairs. This program combines the work for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, helping you acquire both in less time.


In this online dual degree program, you’ll learn to address ethical and cultural health care considerations through coursework in clinical research processes, clinical practices, health equity, issues in bioethics, clinical and translational research, and the management of clinical trials. Due to its rigor, this dual degree program is ideal for motivated, high-performing, and experienced students.


In this rigorous online dual degree program, you’ll study clinical research processes, good clinical practices, health equity, issues in bioethics, foundations in translational research, team science and research collaboration, and more. Clinically experienced educators lead online courses to help you build skills for researching and ensuring the safety and effectiveness of new drugs, devices, diagnostics, and treatment regimens.


This online program prepares you to become a leader who ensures health care organizations provide high-quality, value-based care. You’ll study the delivery of health care services while focusing on key operational activities such as clinical decision-making, finance, human resources, informatics, marketing, policy, quality, and safety. You can also study for several professional certifications that can enhance your career.


This online degree program provides the foundational knowledge and tools to lead projects and operations within the complex world of health care delivery. Through this program, you can seek credentials for meeting clinical medical practice requirements, preparing to enter a growing field where you focus on health care improvement.


Develop skills and expertise for contributing to the growing field of clinical research as you prepare to make a lasting impact on health care. This online program provides qualifications for supporting clinical trials, enabling you to help ensure potential new therapeutics, devices, and treatments follow regulations and are safe and effective.

Join a Tradition of Excellence in the Health Sciences

Founded in 1824, the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences was the first medical school in the nation’s capital. Today, we are committed to improving the health and well-being of local, national, and global communities through online programs that promote inclusion, service, and advocacy.

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The Flexibility to Thrive in Class and Your Career

GW offers an innovative learning experience, delivering world-class programs that you can complete entirely online. We designed our classes for flexibility, allowing you to gain expertise for advancing your career when and where is convenient for you. Throughout your online program, you’ll benefit from our supportive faculty-to-student ratio and online resources that make it easier to interact with your peers and instructors.

Innovative Courses That Empower Your Success

GW is known for accomplished faculty who enable students to turn knowledge into action. With each of our online programs, you can benefit from GW’s access to world-class partnerships, participation in policy-research initiatives, and one-of-a-kind learning opportunities. As a leading research university, we promote the advancement of human knowledge through each of our health sciences degree and certificate programs.

Our online programs provide opportunities to engage in critical thinking and professional development, enabling you to become an innovative leader in clinical research, medical laboratory sciences, and healthcare management.

Prepare for a Career in a Fast-Growing Field

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects health care employment will grow 16% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations.3 With GW’s online health sciences programs, you can prepare to promote innovation across the health sciences, working on solutions that make the world a better place. Gain the expertise you need to thrive in careers in clinical research, biomedical informatics, laboratory science, and beyond.

10 Health Sciences Careers for GW Graduates

  1. Director of quality management: $105,800 per year4
  2. Health IT project manager: $100,881 per year5
  3. Health information manager: $101,340 per year6
  4. MLS/MT/CLS manager: $92,120 per year7
  5. Clinical director, quality services: $91,159per year8
  6. Blood bank supervisor: $82,775 per year9
  7. Quality manager: $82,726 median salary10
  8. Clinical research manager: $78,454per year11
  9. Clinical manager: $72,659per year12
  10. Clinical research associate: $69,022 per year13

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* While the completion of this program will make graduates eligible to register for an ASCP Board of Certification Exam, this does not automatically guarantee a graduate will also meet their state’s requirements for state licensure (if applicable). Since each state may have different requirements for licensure, each student is encouraged to contact their state’s regulating agency and review these requirements prior to beginning any degree program.

Please be aware that the fully online post-baccalaureate certificate programs do not meet the student lab requirement for New York state licensure. Also, for those applying to the fully online post-baccalaureate categorical certificates in hematology, microbiology, blood banking, and chemistry, the state of New York does not provide licensure for categorical certification (e.g., Technologist in Microbiology, Technologist in Blood Banking, etc.). We recommend that students who live in New York or plan to relocate to New York do research to determine the NY licensure requirements.

** The total number of credits and program duration depend on the number of transferred credits.