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Note, 45 transferrable credits required to apply for BSHS and BSHS/MSHS dual degree programs.

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Develop the Expertise to Make Patient Care More Efficient

Organizations depend on strategic leaders to improve patient care and streamline business operations as the healthcare system becomes more complex. If you want to help solve these challenges by moving into healthcare management, explore the online programs available through George Washington University (GW). You will learn from faculty with experience teaching online classes and working in health care — their guidance can help you take a direct path to management roles within health systems, physician groups, and beyond. Because we offer programs in an online format, you will benefit from a flexible education that makes it easier to continue working while seeking a credential that supports your career advancement.

Continue your education online with GW to benefit from distinguished connections and career-aligned learning opportunities that foster success in the health sciences. While studying online, you will receive the same benefits and education as our on-campus students, joining an ever-expanding alumni community dedicated to discoveries that can make the world a better place.

Degrees and Certificates That Support Your Success

GW’s online programs help you prepare to manage initiatives for improving health care delivery and patient safety. Select the degree or certificate that fits your goals, with the option to seek your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a dual program.


Gain a mastery of the design, implementation, and evaluation of health care programs as you prepare to lead interprofessional teams. This online program enables clinical health professionals to build competencies for advanced practice in clinical or academic environments through tracks in Clinical and Educational Practice Leadership.


This online degree program focuses on the skills necessary to manage and lead across the dynamic continuum of health-service delivery. This program prepares you to sit for your Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, provides mentorship with health care operations leaders, and offers practicum experiences.


By seeking this master’s degree online, you can prepare to lead the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of health care quality and patient safety initiatives. This program helps you gain skills and knowledge for success in rewarding management and research positions within health care organizations or policy agencies.


This online program provides the foundational knowledge and tools to lead projects and operations within the complex world of health care delivery. After completing this certificate, you’ll have the opportunity to transfer your credits to the MSHS in Clinical Operations and Healthcare Management program.


Prepare to lead health care quality initiatives in an online program created in partnership with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). After finishing this graduate certificate program, you will have the opportunity to transfer your credits to the MSHS in Health Care Quality program.


This online program prepares you to become a leader who ensures health care organizations provide high-quality, value-based care. You’ll study the delivery of health care services while focusing on key operational activities such as clinical decision-making, finance, human resources, informatics, marketing, policy, quality, and safety. You can also study for several professional certifications that can enhance your career.


This online degree program provides the foundational knowledge and tools to lead projects and operations within the complex world of health care delivery. Through this program, you can seek credentials for meeting clinical medical practice requirements, preparing to enter a growing field where you focus on health care improvement.

Join a Tradition of Excellence in the Health Sciences

Founded in 1824, the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences was the first medical school in the nation’s capital. Today, we are committed to improving the health and well-being of local, national, and global communities through online programs that promote inclusion, service, and advocacy.

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The Flexibility to Thrive in Class and Your Career

GW offers an innovative learning experience, delivering world-class programs that you can complete entirely online. We designed our classes for flexibility, allowing you to gain expertise for advancing your career when and where is convenient for you. Throughout your online program, you’ll benefit from our supportive faculty-to-student ratio and online resources that make it easier to interact with your peers and instructors.

Courses Built for Future Healthcare Leaders

With GW’s healthcare management programs, you can develop a well-rounded skillset that readies you to oversee the operations of healthcare organizations and teams. Join us online to study marketing, management, and finance principles through a healthcare lens while building expertise in healthcare policy and quality improvement. We designed our MSHS in Clinical Operations and Healthcare Management program to align with models from the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) and the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), helping you gain the competencies that leadership positions demand.

Qualify for In-Demand Healthcare Management Positions

Health care spending in the U.S. could top $11 trillion by 2040.4 As a result, this sector needs efficient managers capable of maximizing patient care while minimizing costs. With GW’s online programs, you can learn to apply effective healthcare management and patient safety expertise across the continuum of health service delivery. After finishing your program, you will possess qualifications for opportunities in medical and health services management — this occupation is projected to see 32% growth from 2020 to 2030.2

Careers in Healthcare Management, Quality, and Patient Safety

  • Medical and health services manager: $104,280 per year2
  • Patient safety specialist: $98,500 per year5
  • Clinical director, quality services: $91,159per year6
  • Quality Improvement Nurse: $79,497 per year7
  • Quality Assurance Consultant: $77,949 per year8
  • Clinical quality specialist: $71,261per year9
  • Clinical manager: $72,659per year10
  • Clinical consultant: $81,595 per year11

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** The total number of credits and program duration depend on the number of transferred credits.