Doctorate of Health Sciences (DHSc) Leadership in Clinical Practice and Education

Maximize Your Impact on Clinical and Academic Outcomes

A leader in transforming health and health care delivery.

Reach your potential in clinical practice or education to help make health care more effective and efficient with the DHSc Leadership in Clinical Practice and Education program from the George Washington University (GW). Designed for clinical health professionals, this program instills competencies for advanced practice in clinical and academic settings.

GW offers this program in an online format, enabling you to take classes when and where it’s convenient. You will also complete two residencies during separate weekends and draft a manuscript to submit to a peer-reviewed journal at the end of the program.

With guidance from our expert faculty, you will master the design, implementation, and evaluation of health care programs while preparing to lead interprofessional teams. Complete the form to learn more.

Continue your education online with GW to benefit from distinguished connections and career-aligned learning opportunities that foster success in the health sciences. While studying online, you will receive the same benefits and education as our on-campus students, joining an ever-expanding alumni community dedicated to discoveries that can make the world a better place.

100% Online

48 Total Credits

Average Duration: 2.5 Years

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Two Concentrations Available

Clinical Practice Leadership Track

Prepare to manage the clinical aspects of a health care facility and improve outcomes by designing strategies focusing on clinical practice guidelines and clinician performance.

Educational Practice Leadership Track

Learn to create educational programs that enable health professionals to succeed in complex health care environments and support improved outcomes in health care education.

Online Courses Focusing on Clinical and Academic Leadership

In GW’s DHSc program, faculty with extensive health care experience will prepare you to design programs that improve outcomes in academic and clinical settings. You will delve into advanced topics that apply to your career, developing strategic thinking skills while preparing to serve as an effective leader or educator.

This online program includes the following courses:

Develop the core competencies and skills needed to contribute to team-based care for patients and populations.

Delve into program theory as the basis for designing health and educational innovations used to inform policy.

Skills needed to serve as a clinical or academic leader in the health professions. Students learn how to think strategically and align goals and resources to prepare health care professionals to serve as effective providers in evolving contexts.

Prepare to manage data and conduct quantitative analyses that test hypotheses and support decision-making.

The Flexibility to Thrive in Class and Your Career

GW offers an innovative learning experience, delivering world-class programs that you can complete entirely online. We designed our classes for flexibility, allowing you to gain expertise for advancing your career when and where is convenient for you. Throughout your online program, you’ll benefit from our supportive faculty-to-student ratio and online resources that make it easier to interact with your peers and instructors.

Lead or Educate the Next Generation of Clinical Professionals

GW designed this program for clinical professionals interested in clinical management and higher education careers. The rigorous education you receive while seeking the DHSc Leadership in Clinical Practice and Education will prepare you to improve health care outcomes directly in health systems or provide educational opportunities through college programs.

Impressive Employment Growth From 2020 to 2030

  1. Join our Clinical Practice Leadership track to prepare for medical and health service management roles with 32% employment growth1
  2. Our Educational Practice Leadership track prepares you to move into post-secondary educator roles with 12% employment growth2

Join a Tradition of Excellence in the Health Sciences

Founded in 1824, the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences was the first medical school in the nation’s capital. Today, we are committed to improving the health and well-being of local, national, and global communities through online programs that promote inclusion, service, and advocacy.

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